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Some cool food picture images:

Fast Food Wars
food picture

Speaking of duels, if you like action figures and 365 projects, you’ll probably have fun with JD Hancock’s new series, Duel 365 (JD also have some of the awesomest Stormtroopers pictures out there).

Stormtroopers 365 > Day 281/365
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Fast Food Africa Graffti
food picture

This seemed like an interesting statement. This graffiti is in the courtyard that is behind the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid, Spain. Someone else took a smiliar picture, here:

I tracked down the email address of the "artist," via his site (linked below and found by detapasyvinos) to ask him what this meant. He writes: "FAST FOOD AFRICA es porque el continenete africano es el lugar donde va todo al mundo a coger barato y rapido. Sin preocuparse del continente ni de su gente. Africa se ha convertido en el "fast food" del primer mundo. Acabamos con sus recursos de una forma barata y rapida, sin que nos afecten sus enfermedades, sus guerras, su educaciĆ³n. Africa is a Fast food of the first world."

FAST FOOD AFRICA means that the continent of Africa is the place where the whole world goes screw the place over fast and cheap. Without worring about the continent nor the people. Africa has been converted into the ‘fast food’ of the first world. We use up all its resources cheaply and quickly affecting sickness, war and education. Africa is a Fast food of the first world."

Post Note: I was back in the same courtyard in May 2006 and this grafitti had been removed. In March, "Fast Food Africa" could be found in various other places around Madrid. In May, I saw other grafitti that looked to be from Noaz, but no "Fast Fod Africa" anywhere.

Picture 237
food picture

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